December 20. 2013

All good things must move with the times, and so we’ve had a website make-over and now not only are we fully mobile compatible, but we have heaps of extra 'Bells & Whistles'!


The website is built on a responsive, mobile friendly foundation, so that it scales effortlessly regardless of the device you might be using to view it.

The team here at Ortega can easily manage the website content ourselves, using a simple and handy editing tool so menu updates and news can be added with ease.

There are also connections made between the web content and Ortega’s Facebook page, ensuring no matter where the audience is looking, they’re sure to find Ortega’s news and information is up to date.

The website was designed and developed by Bowen Websitesexternallink a local Wellington company specialising in website solutions for SME’s and offering a full consulting solution for the non-web savvy business owner.


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